CR History Collection Project




    Central Region History Collection Project:

    Basic Chapter Data/Document Information

    2014-15 SY


    UPDATE: 7/10/2015


    Greetings Sorors of Central Region!


    As we proudly move through 92 years of “Greater Service, Greater Progress,” as a reminder, it is of vital importance that we not only properly document our current events but preserve our beautiful past as well.  Preserving and publicizing our History assists in ensuring that the legacy of the chapters and Sorors of Central Region will extend to the farthest part of our past into the brightest part of our future!


    With this necessary action comes responsibility…


    Central Region is charging every local epistolei across the 13 states, 5 Canadian provinces and territories and 4 countries to participate and contribute to this significant process.


    We are still in need of chapter/individual member information (i.e. officers, Cultured Pearls, etc.), as well as pertinent documents (i.e. newspaper articles/clippings, press releases, charters, proclamations, etc.) for the Central Region History Collection Project.  


    Below please see the link for the official form and include as much information as possible (any attachments can be included).  


    ***The Central Region History Committee will also have a collection table/station at the 2015 Central Region Conference (at the Committee Fair) to collect your chapter/individual pictures and any pertinent documents for scanning into our digital archival system on-site!  Please review the collection form below for more on what we are looking for!***


    As we have added on-site conference collection, the submission deadline this year HAS BEEN RE-OPENED! It is IMPERATIVE that we have your assistance in making this a REALITY! The deadline for the 2014 - 2015 sorority year is September 30, 2015.


    If there are any questions on the CR History Collection Project, please contact your CR Epistoleus, Soror Jacki Stennis Moore, at


    On behalf of the CR History Committee, this officer thanks you all for your participation and support of our region's initiative!


    Central Region History Collection Project - Collection Form